BA in Communication - University of Houston-Clear Lake

AA in Social & Behavioral Science - San Jacinto College

Frequently Worn Hats
Essayist, blogger, reporter, copyeditor, public affairs specialist,

journalist, technical writer and editor, memoirist, academic advisor.

Like most writers, Neesha's love for words started in childhood. It wasn't until 2005 that she made a career change from the medical field to journalism and realized she'd found her happy place. She served as a two-term editor for the university's newspaper. Post-graduation, Neesha worked as a news reporter for a local paper covering crime reports, city politics, entertainment, religion, and Hurricane Ike's aftermath. Following the newspaper, she worked as a contractor for the NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) Public Affairs Office. As assistant editor of the Roundup, a print publication, and editor of JSC Features (online), she enjoyed writing stories about the nation's space program and all its moving parts. She also wrote and edited submissions for JSC Today, the center's daily news blurbs. Neesha served as technical editor for an International Space Station 15-book series titled A Researcher's Guide: International Space Station (ISS mini books) as well as their book Benefits for Humanity. Currently, along with her continuous writing endeavors, Neesha is an academic advisor for a community college. 

Hobbies and Interests
Aspiring fiction writer (sci-fi, thriller, among others), avid reader (sci-fi, thriller, fantasy, paranormal romance, drama, dystopian), autism advocate (mom to an autistic teen son), crafter/paper-flower artist, and in love with all things Star Trek (not counting the recent reboots).

Outside of Writing
When she's not engaged with words, you can find Neesha testing out new recipes, binge watching Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, and Amazon Prime Video, reading or watching something related to Star Trek, engrossed in a good psychological thriller novel, vigorously cleaning house, having in-depth text-versations with friends, or making paper flowers. Neesha owns and operates Closet Full of Crafts (also an Etsy store), creating beautiful paper-flowers and home decor.